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Thursday, November 26 2015 @ 10:32 PM CST

Stoughton Conservation Club

Welcome to the web page of Stoughton Conservation Club in Stoughton, Wisconsin. Our South-Central Wisconsin community is located approximately 20 miles south-east of Madison, Wisconsin. Our members are from many parts of South-Central Wisconsin. Visit the different pages to see what our Club is all about.

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New-Member Orientations (which are required for membership) will be held on the second Monday of the month ONLY, at 6:30 SHARP. Do not be late, as the Orientation will not be restarted and you will not be allowed to join. The Orientation will take about an hour and change. PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF THIS and pass this info on to prospective new members.

Club members; remember that the club is run by volunteers. So PLEASE clean up after yourselves. It makes everybody’s life easier. Thanks.

Indoor Archery 300 League 2015 - 2016

The Indoor League tests the archers’ skill, using a single or five spot NFAA target, shooting 60 arrows made up of three games of 20 for a possible 100 points per game. Strive for that 60x - 300.

The organizational and set-up meeting will be Tuesday Dec. 1st at 7:00pm in the Archery/Trap Building, the first scoring night will be Jan. 5th and ending March 23th. Banquet will be held on March 26th. 4-person teams shoot for 12 weeks. Put together a team with 3 friends, or show up Dec. 1st and we'll put you on a team. We shoot Tues. or Wed. evenings starting at 7pm. Targets are one- or five-spot Bulls at 20 yards.

Contact Bill Hagen 212-7162, or Larry Quam 873-3578 if you can’t make it during the set up meeting.

See you Tuesday Dec 1st at 7:00pm!

Be Safe, Have Fun, Shoot Straight...

2015 Fall Sight-In Clinic

Time To Order Your Trees

• 2016 Tree Ordering – From November 1st 2015 until November 30th 2015.
• Check out the DNR Website for tree’s offered : http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/TreePlanting/order/inventory.asp
• Min – 25 trees per person
• Max – 200 trees per person
• Call Pete Petkus @ 608-877-9875 to place your order.

Donation to Access Ability of Wisconsin

Photo of SCC President Dave Everett handing a donation to
Ray Anderson & Chad Hermanson of Access Ability Wisconsin.

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Directory of Licensed Wisconsin Wildlife Rehabilitators - 2015.

For Directory: (Click Here)

Scholarship Donations

Photo of SCC President Dave Everett receiving memorial donation to scholarship
fund from Alan Foss, son of the late Carmen Foss.

Photo of Dave Everett, son of the late BG Everett, handing SCC Director Berlin
Sornson a memorial gift dedicated for the SCC Scholarship Fund.


Change in Pistol Range Protocol

NOTICE: Starting January 1st, 2013, access to the pistol range will be allowed only to those who have attended the pistol range safety orientation. If you have not completed the pistol range safety orientation before January 1st, 2013, your access to the range will be shut off.

Due to recent upgrades and increased use of the indoor range, there will be a required Range Use and Safety Orientation conducted by the Range Safety Committee.

This is a one-time requirement pertaining to all new and current members that choose to use the indoor pistol range. This will be a separate orientation done following the new member orientation on the second Monday of each month.

To rotate the existing members through this as efficiently as possible you will be required to attend a Range Use and Safety Orientation prior to your membership renewal date. Existing members can attend the second Monday of the month at 6:30pm sharp at the indoor range building.

There has been an additional card swipe access point added at the indoor range entrance. Your current card will continue to allow access to the range provided you have attended an orientation prior to your membership renewal date. If you have not attended the required Range Operation and Safety Orientation training prior to your membership renewal date, your access card will no longer provide you access to the pistol range.

If you have any questions or comments about this, general membership meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 7pm in the Trap and Archery Building

The Range Operation and Safety Orientations will begin the 2nd Monday in August

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

SCC Range Safety Committee

Answers to commonly asked questions about the new Range Operation and Safety and Orientation (Click Here)

SCC's Trophy Room


If you would like to share a picture of your trophy and have it posted to the SCC Trophy Room, please send the picture to SCCTrophy@Stoughtoncc.com. You can also leave a picture up in the new building with a note stating the picture is for the Trophy Room on the website. It will be scanned in and posted.

Include in the email or note with the picture a brief description such as; date, where the trophy was taken, by whom and a short story if you would like. Also in the email include your affiliation with SCC. All pictures will be reviewed prior to being included in the Trophy Room and every effort will be made to get pictures posted in a timely manner, however keep in mind everything done here at SCC is on a volunteer basis.

Consent to post all information sent with the picture is assumed and if for any reason you would like the picture and information removed please send that request to the email address listed above.

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Rules & Procedures

These are the current rules and procedures for the Stoughton Conservation Club. Members are responsible for knowing them. Violations of rules and procedures is grounds for disciplinary action, which can range from warnings to expulsion for life. Ignorance of the rules is not a defense. Above all, our rules and procedures were created to foster safety. UNSAFE BEHAVIOR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, and just because it is not stated in our Rules and Procedures does not mean it is not unsafe behavior. Use common sense and common courtesy.

Note to other clubs: we created this latest revision of the rules from our own rules and from those of other clubs posted on the Internet. It is in that spirit that we post our rules here. If you are another club and wish to use any part of our rules and procedures, please feel free. If you have any questions about them or wish a copy of them in another format, click on "Contact Us" in the navbar on the left side of the Homepage and let us know how we can help.

Rule and Procedures Brochure: (Click Here)

SCC Alerts

NOTICE: Volunteers needed for Pistol Range monthly cleaning & maintenance. 3rd MONDAY of each month 6-9 PM is the scheduled cleaning time. Training & equipment provided.

- Vacuum the range.
- Wash the firing area and observation room.
- Empty the trash, tidy the observation room, fill soap and paper towel dispensers.
- Hammer the bullet trap snail.
- Replace broken fluorescent lights.
- Check and repair the target hangers and clips.
- Check and change the air filters.

NOTICE: Effective immediately, anyone caught shooting rapid fire or after range hours will have their membership suspended for a period of 3 months. Please review Club rules so that this does not happen to you.

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